Baby talk & vaccinations

My little Leruo (aka Ruru, Rurunator, MaRu), is almost 4 months old now. How quickly time passes by. And yes I no longer measure his age in weeks, it got tiring after the second month, not that I am judging any mothers who do. And with time, new developments have taken place. Like vaccinations for example. I now make monthly trips to the clinic for his vaccinations. And any mother can tell you how stressful those visits are. The first time I went was when Ruru was 2 months. He was due to be given 4 different vaccines and poorly informed me thought they would all be injections. I was so glad when the nurse informed that the other two were actually drops. Honestly I don’t know how I would have handled 4 injections at once. 

When you are a mother, your child’s pain is your pain. At least that’s how it feels like to me. Seeing that needle go deep into my baby’s thigh was one of the hardest things I have had to witness. The first time around my little champ was strong, he barely winced at that first injection. But the second one was another story. He cried, really cried but thankfully it was for a short period. The scary part was that night when we were home. He got a fever and was so subdued that I barely slept, sick with worry. Thank God He was all better the following morning, so when I went the second time around, at 3 months, I was more than prepared. I had his pacifier ready at the clinic and his paracetamol ready to tackle the fever. And I am happy to say, it wasn’t as bad as the first time. 

Another new development is the baby talk. When Leruo was born I was very sad to note that he had little to not resemblance to me physically. Unfortunately his father’s genes won that fight. But what I was happy to learn was that he is a talker, just like his mummy. A double edged sword, Leruo’s overzealous babbling is amazing but not at 5 am in the morning. Which unfortunately is his peak time. There’s nothing more annoying than being woken up to incoherent babbling when you are trying to get in the last few minutes of sleep. But alas, that’s motherhood as my mother unsympathetically informed me. I do cherish those wee hours in the morning though, because he looks so content with his limbs flailing around trying to tell me things I will never understand. Sometimes I wish I could understand what he is saying but most days I am just happy to watch him converse with himself and not have to answer any endless questions. 

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